Just Arrived: Lily Extracts Live Rosin Gummies

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Our Flowers:

Cream Cake

freshly harvested from: Brighterside Farms

lineage: IceBox Pie x Early Orange

flavor: A doughy blend of smooth cream and cookie cake with a hint of citrus.

terpenes: limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene

how you’ll feel:

calm / happy / relaxedenergetic

Lily Extracts: NJ’s First Solventless-Only Live Rosin Manufacturer And Live Rosin Gummies Are Now Available

Since launching in December 2023, Lily Extracts, NJ’s first independent solventless-only live rosin manufacturer has made quite an impact with its chemical-free extracts and delivering some of the smoothest hits in the Garden State. We recently sat down with Richard and Director of Operations Angel Cruz about their solventless-only products, their latest addition, solventless gummies and their exciting upcoming plans…

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