Brighterside Farms: Pioneering Hand-Trimmed, Craft Cannabis Cultivation in New Jersey

Brighterside Farms from NJ

Pleasantville’s Finest: Soil-Grown, Organically-Nurtured Flower

Meet Brighterside Farms, our newest cultivator from Pleasantville and the creators behind your favorites, Cream Cake and GH1—strains so popular we’ve already had to restock them! With over 20 years of cultivating cannabis for Colorado’s top medical dispensaries and consulting nationwide, the Brighterside Farms team is now bringing that passion and experience to the Garden State. Owner Lyndsey Shaw puts it simply,” (we’re) focused on bringing better botany back to the cannabis industry. Cut no corners and deliver a product that brings you back.”

Better Botany, Better Buds

“Brighterside is one of one”, declares Lyndsey, meaning they currently are the only soil-grown, organically-fed product on the market using living soil methodology. Their “Soil-to-Sale” strategy starts with soil beds enriched with OMRI-listed (Organic Materials Review Institute) dry amendments, ensuring every product meets rigorous organic standards. This results in top-notch, consistent flower every time.

Brighterside’s goal is to bring consistency staple genetics to New Jersey cannabis consumers. “You should be able to purchase the same product at the same consistency year in and year out,” Lydnsey explains. They do this by nurturing each plant, only harvesting at peak time, followed by a meticulous 45-day drying and curing process. Then buds are hand-trimmed and hand-packed and never radiated.

Brighterside Farms from NJ

Premium Genetics: Heritage | Exotic | Reserve

You can buy Brighterside Farms’ fussed-over flower in three specialized collections, each represented by its own cap color: Heritage (tan), Exotic (red) and Reserve (dark). Each category showcases the depth of their genetic bank of over 100 strains, cultivated and preserved over the last 40 years.


Think classic, old-school cannabis strains that evoke nostalgia. Perfect for the discerning cannabis connoisseur, these strains will have you reminiscing about the good old days.

Strains: Velvet OG and GH1

Brighterside Farms from Pleasantville, NJ


These are strains developed in the last five years, offering innovative genetics for unique flavors and experiences.

Strains: Free Mac and Cream Cake


Keep an eye out for limited small batches from the reserve category throughout the year and be sure to let our budtenders know your favorites. “If our clients love a strain, we might just make it a regular!” says Lindsey.

Strains: Gelato Mints

Exclusive Hand-trimmed Flower at PB

Brighterside is available at just three carefully scouted dispensaries, including Pure Blossom. When it came to selecting dispensaries to carry their flower, we checked all the boxes for passion for crafted cannabis, genuine shop experience and knowledgeable budtenders. Lyndsey even said, “we do secret shopping on all retailers before we set up a meeting.” The vibe of the store, knowledgable budtenders and the overall customer experience are all important factors in their selection process.

Shop Soil to Sale

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