House of Puff: A Sanctuary for the High-Functioning Woman and Meet the Visionary Behind It

House of Puff

Meet Kristina!

Meet Kristina Lopez Adduci: the CEO and founder of House of Puff, one of our favorite New York-based lifestyle brands bridging the gap between cannabis and everything else. With an unwavering passion for artistry with advocacy Kristina has positioned House of Puff as a brand that is for people who appreciate beautiful things and want to embrace and normalize cannabis in style!

Kristina’s view on…

The Benefits of Cannabis

“What I truly appreciate about cannabis is its ability to bring people together and offer a natural means to relaxation, creativity, and medicinal benefits. It’s fascinating to see how cannabis interacts differently with everyone, allowing for a very personal experience.”

Destigmatizing Cannabis

From her interview with Forbes, “Some people still can’t wrap their heads around a highly effective woman who smokes cannabis. I’m out to prove them wrong.” “Every day is a new opportunity to challenge the status quo within the cannabis industry. I love working towards destigmatizing cannabis use and being part of a community that supports wellness, creativity, and sustainable practices. Seeing our customers’ positive feedback and knowing we’re making a difference in their lives is incredibly fulfilling.

We’re deeply committed to advancing cannabis education which is why we have a robust blog and Youtube channel!”

House of Puff
House of Puff

The Importance of Stylish Smokeware and House of Puff

“My journey into the cannabis industry was driven by a personal passion for the plant’s potential and a desire to shift perceptions around its use. Key moments include my initial research into cannabis’s therapeutic benefits, which led me to design beautiful cannabis accessories that people could be proud of. Launching House of Puff was a pivotal moment, as it allowed me to combine my interests in art, social justice, and cannabis into a singular vision, focusing on creating elegant, discreet products designed especially for the modern consumer.

House of Puff is more than just a cannabis brand; we’re a lifestyle brand that advocates for art, culture, and social justice through the lens of cannabis. Our commitment to quality, design, and inclusivity is at the core of everything we do.”

Empowering Women in Cannabis

“The cannabis industry, though challenging, offers incredible opportunities for women to lead and innovate. My advice would be to find your niche – whether it’s in product development, marketing, advocacy, or education – and build a network of supportive, like-minded individuals. Stay informed about the regulatory landscape, and don’t be afraid to take risks”

House of Puff

New Product and Upcoming Events

“We just launched our first THC product, a cannabis spray called The Spritz and we’ll be doing a lot of popups at dispensaries this spring and summer.”

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