Valentine’s Day Cannabis Guide: Great Couples in Cannabis + Wellness

Celebrate love and connection this Valentine’s Day 2024 with Pure Blossom’s selection of cannabis and other essential pairings. These are good things that were meant to be together. 👯‍♀️

Peaches & Cream

ButACake | Ginger Peach Film Strips & Kind Tree | Mimosa and Cream Flower. Valentine’s Day Cannabis Guide

ButACake | Ginger Peach Film Strips

Discreet and delicious THC-packed strips from an NJ pastry chef

Kind Tree | Mimosa and Cream Flower

A smooth flavor and heavenly aroma—the cloud nine of strains

Sweet & Sour

Gage | Sweet Tartz Cart

Pure puffs from a Michigan-based brand mixed with a symphony of sweet notes

Valhalla | Sour Watermelon Soft Lozenges

A juicy, tangy delight dreamed up by a brand out of California

Day & Night

Alice | Brainstorm

A mouthwatering chocolate bite for a clean boost of energy, focus and clarity without the crash

Alice | Nightcap

A dozy dose of decadent chocolate for restful evenings, deep sleep and a calm mind

Wake & Bake

Edie Parker | Good Morning Tropical Mango Disposable

A smokeless A.M. delight from a fashion icon-turned cannabis connoisseur

Prolific Growhouse | Krispy Crème Kush

Like the very first donut out of the oven this morning

Milk & Dark

Encore | Milk Chocolate & Flor De Maria | CBD Dark Chocolate

Encore | Milk Chocolate

A silky-smooth, gluten-free classic (plus THC)

Flor de Maria | CBD Dark Chocolate

A decadent treat made with cacao sourced personally by the chocolatier from Central and South America (plus CBD)

Visit Pure Blossom for Cannabis and Other Essentials

Check out our 2024 Valentine’s Day Cannabis Guide here. Whether you’re doing the old Google thing, searching for dispensary near me or nearby dispensaries in New Jersey, Pure Blossom is a short, scenic, calming drive away, and our friendly guide-connoisseurs are excited to take you through our curated selection of New Jersey cannabis brands (and other essentials) for a great Valentine’s Day. We’ll see you there!

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