Pure Blossom Community Offers

From medical cannabis patients to first responders, we believe in serving the Central NJ cannabis community.

Pure Blossom cannabis dispensary celebrates the central NJ cannabis community with a series of standing discounts for members
photo credit: Ysabella Langdon

Our Discount Program

Pure Blossom is committed to inclusivity and community support, and so we offer standing discounts to a wide variety of cannabis consumers, including veterans, active-duty military, medical patients, first responders, teachers, students, seniors, cannabis industry workers, and those on government assistance. Recognizing the diverse roles these groups play in enriching Hopewell-Pennington and the rest of the Central NJ cannabis community, we want to offer tangible appreciation and assistance where we can, for the well-being and recognition of all those who make our part of New Jersey vibrant and dynamic.

Take 20% off your first visit

Take 15% off your second visit

Take 10% off your third visit

Committed to your health—take 10% off on all cannabis when you show medical card.

BONUS: save up to 25% when combining the recurring 10% off with ongoing promotions*.
*not combinable with other group discounts

Thank you for your service—enjoy 10% off on every cannabis purchase. Must show a current Veteran ID Card (VIC), present your DD214, or show your driver’s license with the “V” emblem. On Wednesdays, take 20% off!

Learning pays—get 10% off on every cannabis purchase. Must present a valid college/school ID card.

BONUS: teachers get 20% off on Tuesdays.

Age has its benefits—enjoy 10% off on every cannabis purchase. Must be 55 or older. On Wednesdays, take 20% off!

10% off on every cannabis purchase because you’re always there when we need you. Must show ID. On Wednesdays, take 20% off!

Need a little extra help? Bring proof of Medicaid, NJ Family Care, etc. to get 10% off on every cannabis purchase.

20% off for teachers on Tuesdays.

20% off for seniors, veterans and emergency services on Wednesdays

Locals: Pennington, Hopewell Township, Hopewell Borough, Princeton, Titusville, Ewing & Lawrence take 20% off on Sundays

25% off $250+

Leave a Google review and get 5% off*!
*One-time offer

The recurring offers mentioned are redeemable only at the register for both in-store shopping and online pick-ups. To use this discount, you must create/sign up for a Pure Blossom member profile. Customers can opt out at any time. Not stackable with other discounts.